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 Our goal is to assist our clients to passively invest in this dynamic real estate & private equity market. Our turnkey investment system allows you to relax while we do the work & you profit!  **Celebrating our 19th year**


It's no secret that home values have declined; in fact, home values are at historic lows.  There are foreclosures and short sales in every city and in every neighborhood and in all price ranges.  There are investment opportunities all over the place...BUT, you can't take advantage of them if you DON'T know the game...if you DON'T know how to turn the bad into good, how can you expect to WIN this game and make a ton of cash in doing so?

The answer is quite simple!  You must team up with an investor that KNOWS this business to help you win the game.  We've been around for over 18 years, during the GREAT and BAD times...and will be here in the future.  We are full-time experienced investors that understand the various investment strategies that make MONEY!  We don't have to guess or wonder "what if"...we KNOW what works and what doesn't, that's why we are STILL in business & making money while several investment companies have long closed their doors as the market tumbled over the past 7 years.  We use PROVEN strategies that increase cash flow and build wealth regardless of the current state of economy.  We understand the real estate business... it's what financial freedom is all about!

Stop throwing your money away in seminars, DVDs, bootcamps, etc. while NEVER closing a deal!!  Let us hold your hand as you close a real deal...we will guide you, show you, lead you...all the way to the bank!  Avoid costly mistakes by leveraging our expertise and personal coaching every step of the investment process.  Besides, we were once where you are now...let us show you how to get to where you want to go...BEFORE this market gets back to pre-recession levels.  The smart investors are BUYING now while houses are cheap and will sell when EVERYBODY starts back buying again.  Don't get caught on the WRONG side of the fence...be smart and BUY now before it's too late!  Let us show you how, let's get started NOW!  Call us at 404.527.6641 or click to schedule your FREE consultation.


        Our Simple 3 Step Passive Investment Process:

  • Step 1:  Decide that you want to be an investor in this market
  • Step 2:  Contact us for a free consultation to help determine goals
  • Step 3:  Relax & Profit...while building income & wealth!!

   • BECOME ONE OF OUR PRIVATE MONEY LENDERS - Do you have funds not earning much interest?  Don't settle for low bank rates of 1% APR or less on your capital.  Do you know you could be earning much higher returns, up to 25% APR on short and long-term passive investments that are low risk?  Let us show you how to securely and consistently earn terrific returns without any active participation using our programs.

   • RETIREMENT PLANNING - Most working individuals have a company 401K or IRA; however, your investment options are very limited and your returns generally quite low or average at best. Do you want to earn much higher returns while maintaining the same tax benefits as what you have today? We can show you how to convert your traditional or Roth IRA or 401K to earn tax-deferred or tax free profits using a self directed IRA/401K product, while earning whopping returns up to 25% APR on secure investments.  Yes, there are much better options that will earn you extremely high returns that most people have no idea even exist!  We will educate you on better options...at NO cost to you.  Give us a call today and your road to retirement will be a much wealthier path!  We're certain you will be amazed at what you never knew your 401K or IRA dollars could have been earning...it's not too late, call us today!!

Harrington Investments Inc, established in 1996, is a full service real estate investment and consulting firm located in downtown Atlanta.  We invest in an array of real estate assets nationwide.  We specialize in getting deals done, regardless of the homeowner's situation.  We offer investor education and coaching to generate income and build wealth using our proven investment strategies.  We encourage you to call and allow us to create and implement a diverse investment plan to take advantage of this dynamic private equity and real estate market.  Our over 18 years experience and knowledge will help you accomplish your financial goals and live a wealthy lifestyle!  Call us today to schedule your FREE consultation.

We are committed to helping you increase cash flow and manage wealth using the power of real estate and financial investments.  Don't waste another minute, call us today and see what we can put together for you.  Please don't miss out on this historic market...get in before the economy rebounds and home prices soar again!  Let's make your capital work harder in this economy so you don't have to...please get started today!  Keep in mind that most successful millionaires make their fortunes during times of economic down-turns, which always represent opportunity for the smart investor...you can do the same with our guidance and your initiative...why not go ahead and call now while opportunity is knocking??  We're waiting to answer....

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